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Employee Recruiting: Active vs Passive Marketing

When it comes to employee recruiting, there are two methods to market your open positions to potential candidates: Active and Passive. Both are effective, but each effective for different reasons and one may attract better quality candidates. The good news: Our marketing reaches both!

Active recruiting involves posting open positions to job boards. In most cases, candidates browsing positions on job boards are in immediate, sometimes desperate need or be secure a position. On the surface, it makes sense to market your positions to people seeking. However, sometimes candidates browsing posted positions will apply and take any position offered to them, whether they are qualified or intend to stay long-term. They may be looking for a job instead of a career.

Passive recruiting involves marketing to candidates who are already employed – or attending school. That doesn’t mean such candidates wouldn’t consider new opportunities. Better salary or benefits package, better working conditions, increased responsibilities, more flexibility… there are endless reasons why someone may be be convinced to seek a different position. In passive recruiting, you are reaching career-minded candidates who precisely match your qualifications. 

We offer multi-platform passive recruiting campaigns that precisely target the audience you want for your position.