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Flowcode: The Next Generation of QR Codes

Most don’t realize that Quick Response (“QR”) Codes have been around since 1994 – long before the advent of smartphones. More recently, they have become a well-established feature in both print and screen-based visual media.

The chief benefit of a QR Code is to easily connect a user directly to a digital destination, most commonly a website URL, through a quick scan from a readily available smartphone. This saves users from having to remember and manually input a website URL, which could potentially be long and complicated in some cases.

While a website URL is the most common destination linked with QR Codes, it isn’t exclusive. Other common options include a specific app in an app store, a “vCard” for sharing contact information, casting votes, and social media integration.

They other major benefit to QR Codes is the trackability. We can track the number of scans, and in some cases more detailed information from the scan such as who is scanning and from where.

We have recently partnered with Flowcode, which offers many distinct benefits to traditional QR Codes. First, they have a distinguished appearance that stands apart. Most importantly, Flowcodes were specifically engineered for more accurate scanning on televisions and other screens.

We can incorporate Flowcodes as part of your marketing strategy and help you understand when these scannable codes are beneficial to your marketing campaign.