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Live Reporting: Tracking success with your digital marketing

Is your digital marketing effective? How do you know? Success in all marketing can be difficult to measure, even in digital where delivery tools provide precise statistics.

One challenge in tracking success is the myth of the last click. Search engines, while extremely important in the purchase funnel, often receive too much credit in delivering leads. While it is true that search most likely drove the lead to your website, consumers must be motivated to conduct a search in the first place. Often, that motivation is stimulated from other marketing.

Relatedly, consumers mostly click on search results from brands they recognize. In fact, 70% only click on brands they recognize. This is why top-funnel branding remains important even in search engine marketing.

Through our live dashboard reporting, you can view and analyze how well your digital campaigns are performing anytime, from the beginning of the campaign to present. Dig deep into the reporting to gauge precise delivery metrics, including where your ads are serving and who is clicking them.

But what is considered successful? Which metric is most important to gauge? Well, that can depend on your goal.

  • Impressions: Branding, Stimulating
  • Clicks: Conversions
  • CTR: ROI

The product itself also plays a role in determining success. High-funnel products tend to deliver more impressions, but lower clicks and CTR compared to low-level. Reporting also helps you understand if you are reaching the right audience and if the right audience is taking action; whether adjustments are needed.

We will help you understand which products and which metrics are most important in achieving your goals and measuring your campaign’s success.