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The state of Facebook, social media advertising in 2023 and beyond

There was a time, not long ago, that a business could post an advertising message to their Facebook Page and see sizeable results. If that business invested a small amount to boost that message, those results improved a little more.

Is that still the case today, in 2023? Not quite.

You can still achieve results from social media advertising, and these platforms do have unique marketing opportunities compared to other options, it’s much more difficult to influence mass audiences today than before. The primary reason for this is social media fragmentation.

Facebook was king for years, used by almost everyone on a regular basis. Today, while Facebook remains the most used social platform, numerous competitors have stolen market share that some audiences use more habitually than Facebook. This is the case particularly with certain demographics. For instance, how many teenagers and young adults do you know that use Facebook on a regular basis?

Today’s social media is crowded: TikTok, Twitter (or… X?), Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitch, Discord, Reddit, Quora, Parlor… add on a few more. Some even consider YouTube a social platform. With this diversified splintering, it is much more difficult to market to a mass audience through social media. Again, there are unique opportunities where these platforms make sense, but as a broader multi-product strategy. We can help you decide the proper marketing mix.