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When is it time for a new website?

For a long time, website technology and best practices were evolving so rapidly that a website became outdated within two years or less. That isn’t necessarily the case today. While you should make sure you are updating all of your backend scripts, including plugins, regularly you don’t necessarily need to completely replace your website every two years as was the recommended standard a few years ago.

As long as your website was built to industry standards since about 2017 it’s probably fine from a technological standpoint. That was a key year because it’s when Google Chrome, the most used browser, started requiring SSL certificates (although it didn’t strongly enforce it until about 2021).

Privacy policies have been the biggest change since the SSL requirement, but these are only required under certain circumstances. If you are doing any digital advertising through a big tech network, including Google or Facebook, you will be required to have a privacy policy posted publicly on your website. Lack of one can also harm your search rankings.

But having a good website from a technical perspective doesn’t also mean it’s an effective website that couldn’t use improvement. Websites are often a consumer’s first impression of a business and should be built to convert. A conversion does not necessarily mean an immediate purchase. It could be a phone call, lead capture form, or physical visit.

We can help you identify if your website qualifies as effective or needs some improvement. Yes, we do offer full website development services whether that be a custom landing page or full website if it’s needed.