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CTR (Click-through Rate)

The percentage reflecting how many times an ad was clicked vs served. It is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions. For example, the CTR for a campaign that delivered 50 clicks out of 100,000 impressions would be 0.05%.

CTRs are considered an industry-standard metric for determining the gauge of success in a digital campaign. However, CTRs should not be exclusively used when determining the entirety of a campaign’s success. Many factors influence CTRs, including the creative (for example, whether it has a specific call-to-action), product or placement, level of targeting, and relevance to the user.

Standard ROS banners average between a 0.05-0.10% for desktop, and about 0.10-0.15% for mobile. Premium inventory, including video pre-roll and pencil pushdowns, can achieve single-digital percentages.