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SEO benefits of a blog

Blogs are a familiar piece of websites that serve multiple purposes. The word is an abbreviation of “web log” or “weblog” and first started entered the lexicon at the end of the 1990s.

Blogs are a great way to express thoughts and teach others. From a marketing standpoint, they have an even more important role in search engine success. In fact, it could be argued that blogs are the most important aspect of any successful SEO strategy.

It’s important to understand how organic search rankings are determine. Google, and other search engines, assign every website a quality score based on multiple factors. Most importantly, search engines want to return quality results that are relevant to the searcher.

Blogs offer these SEO benefits:

Fresh, recently updated content. One thing that determines a website’s quality score is the freshness of its content. Search engines favor websites that are updated frequently, at least every 30 days if not more often. Unless you have a website that has natural built-in reasons for ongoing content updates, such as updating inventory listings or popular engagement features like commenting, a blog is an easy way to keep your website updated on a consistent basis.

Opportunity to add keywords organically. Search engines favor keywords that are naturally placed inside the body of a website, which blogs offer. Keywords sprinkled randomly without context can be seen as suspicious to search engines.

Backlinking and social mentions. Perhaps the most important factor in a website’s quality score is its credibility. Search engines consider websites that are credible based on the amount of quality “backlinks” to that website. A backlink simply means linked from another website. It’s not only about the amount of backlinks, but the quality of those websites too. Relatedly, a website (or brand in general) that is being referenced frequently through social media is considered more credible. Blogs present an opportunity for your website to be shared on third party websites, including social media platforms where people are referencing your brand.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service includes blogging as part of the overall strategy. We can help you with the content, in addition to sharing blogs to industry-respected websites and social platforms.