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The evolution of YouTube as an entertainment platform

YouTube has come a long day from its 2005 debut. We all recognize it as a platform to solve problems and educate us. Today, YouTube is also an entertainment platform with both short- and long-form content, competing with top media companies. YouTube is also an OTT platform offering premium content for “cable cutters.”

YouTube is truly multi-platform, streaming on desktops/laptops, mobile smartphones, tablets, and OTT.

How does YouTube Marketing benefit an advertiser?

Whether used as an entertainment source, or a source of education and problem-solving, YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world and considered the second most popular search engine. Its massive reach positions YouTube as a top platform for marketers.

Our YouTube Advertising offers targeted advertising based on behavior, keywords, and demographics reaching the exact consumer you intend to reach.

One good example of effective YouTube marketing is an auto repair shop targeting consumers who have viewed videos relating to an auto repair issue, such as a car failing to start. Advertisers can market to these individuals who have exhibited behavior predicting a need.